Caring is Everything: Getting to the Heart of Humanity, Leadership, and Life


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by David Irvine

ISBN – 13: 978-1-988440-00-2

David Irvine’s groundbreaking Becoming Real and The Authentic Leader introduced readers to a means of deepening one’s leadership presence through the power of authenticity. Now, he takes us further along that journey. Part memoir and part inspirational guide, Caring is Everything is David’s courageous exploration into the power of caring. As a person committed to making a difference in the world—whether you are a corporate executive, caregiver, community volunteer, teacher, or family member—you will benefit from the insights contained in this thought-provoking book. Caring, the most noble of human journeys, has a pervasive, enduring influence on the well-being of those around us. Caring impacts who we are as people and the places where we work and live.

And, at a crucial time in human history, it inspires us to tend to our living planet.


“The title says it all–Caring is Everything is an inspiring and at times emotional read that is as instructive as it is insightful. By letting us into his personal journey, David Irvine challenges the reader, telling us that through genuine caring for those around us, we become a better parent, sibling, spouse, citizen, employee, and leader. It is never too late to enrich your life through caring.” – Chief Rod Knecht, Edmonton Police Service

“Drawing from his own and others’ stories, David reveals the joy in caring. The result is an all-encompassing and vital book—for caregivers, for leaders, and for life.” – Lance Secretan, The Secretan Center

“David helps illuminate the difference between capriciously floating along and intentionally navigating a more satisfying course through life.” – Vincent Deberry, Center for Public Management, University of Oklahoma

“Written with insight, clarity, and passion, this book will inspire, provoke, and challenge you to think anew about your own life.” – Marilyn Mahoney, Fraser Health