Accountability: Getting a Grip on Results (Third Edition)


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by David Irvine, Bruce Klatt and Shaun Murphy

Bow River Publishing, Calgary, 2005

ISBN 0-9730365-2-4

This is an international best seller, and its international audience continues to expand. Corporations on at least three continents have enthusiastically adopted the authors’ practical approach to workplace accountability — with impressive results. The Accountability Agreement is a new type of business contract that bridges the gap between intention and performance throughout the organization. In this practical guide they spell out the relationship between agreements and accountability, and provide a step-by-step approach to creating a positive, healthy revolution in corporate culture.


“…simplifies a weighty concept without sacrificing its profound importance. The authors take the reader from concept to specifics, rendering the intimidating challenge of managerial accountability doable and even exciting.” — John Carver, author of Boards That Make A Difference, co-author of Reinventing Your Board

“…one of the most solidly practical books I have ever seen on how leaders can make credibility come alive. The authors have made a major contribution to moving leadership and management from theory into practice.” — Jim Kouzes, Chairman, Tom Peters Group/Learning Systems